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  • DP Analytics:
    Credit Analytics!
    Our credit reports provide a consistent and accurate indication of the risk level associated
    with a potential or existing client. The reports contain details about the financial behaviour
    of a business or an individual. DP collects data from creditors, private company and public
    records to appropriately assess individual and business credit worthiness.
  • DP Analytics
    Data Analytics / Data Bank
    DP Data Analytics acts as your one source hub to source, analyse, forecast and interpret
    data. DP Data Analytics utilises the combination of the most in-depth data available for
    the market and our extensive knowledge and experience in this sector to bring unprecedented
    insight for the region. The DP Real Estate tool is the first in Cyprus to analyse land registry
    data and associate it with various economic indicators and proprietary econometric
    forecasting methodology to extract fresh insights from actual transactions.

Our Story


Delfi Analytics by Delfi Partners & Co. is an innovative data, credit and real estate analytics practice, helping corporates, financial institutions, rating agencies and individuals to make better informed decisions that drive profitability, investment decisions and customer satisfaction through fresh market insights.

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Data Analytics

A single source for locally sourced data and forecasting needs. Delfi Data Analytics helps businesses make intelligent decisions based on reliable, up-to-date data and breakthrough analysis. Delfi Data Analytics provides businesses with the data they require to make better informed decisions. Utilising freshly sourced data which is not available to the rest of the market means clients of Delfi Data Analytics can always stay ahead of the curve.

Credit Analytics

Credit decisions are becoming increasingly difficult in the current volatile market conditions. Delfi Credit Analytics provides unique data from primary, reliable sources and combines it with tailor-made credit scoring models specifically developed through the combination of its unique market insight and experience and its expertise in credit analysis. Credit reports are available from basic, standardised credit reports to customised, expertly assessed credit reports with credit scoring.

Real Estate Analytics

In order to extract real value from data, businesses are in need of a solution that can help them extract, align and filter important data to come up with actual solutions. Delfi Real Estate Analytics is a revolutionary platform that enables users to view graphical or visualised data using cross-data tabulations to depict actual transactions and data projections. Delfi Analytics uses proprietary algorithms to continuously ingest, analyse and transform ever growing amounts of data from various sources into an optimised solution that enables businesses to dynamically adjust to ever changing environments.

Our Values

Thought Leaders

Our mission is to succeed through our Clients' success, enabling them to make considerable improvements to their performance and to develop an organisation that attracts and excites exceptional people.

Professional Excellence

We offer the highest quality services based on our extensive experience and knowledge. We are committed to the highest quality professional and ethical standards. We lead the industry through continual research and innovation.


We work as a team with our colleagues and our Clients, sharing a common goal and taking advantage of each other's knowledge and experience.

Passion & Enthusiasm

Our discipline and our passion is to deliver true results, aligning our success with our Clients' success and sharing our passion and enthusiasm with them.

Delfi Analytics has created a ground breaking centralised DataBank

Collects, analyses and stores information on the Cyprus and Greek economy


  • "Delfi Analytics successfully delivered upon all our requirements. Their professionalism, talented credit analysts and fresh sector insights is what sets them apart. "CFO, Insurance Company / Cyprus, Greece
  • "The Delfi Analytics team has helped us look for trends and KPIs that help our team make better decisions. Delfi Analytics has provided us with fresh insight into our merchant porfolio."Risk Manager, Banking Sector / Cyprus
  • "We were highly impressed by their knowledge and expertise, as well as their conhsiderable experience dealing with credit decisions and analysing data."CFO, Wholesaler / Greece